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Junk Car Boys started off as a small company on the west coast, created by two brothers. They were raised in a family that always drove junk cars, so they learned about the problems that come with junky cars. Typically, once one of the cars broke down, it just sat around because it was never worth fixing. So what do you do with a car that isn’t worth fixing? That’s where the Junk Car Boys come in.

Today they are a national corporation with buying locations in every major city of the USA. Selling your unwanted vehicle is now the easiest thing that you can do. The two brothers have also been joined by their oldest brother. So now it is a family run business. Along with many other employees who aren’t from the family.

There is one belief that the brothers have never swayed on. That is providing awesome customer service to each individual that calls in. Do they make mistakes? Of course, they aren’t perfect. But they go far out of their way to make sure every customer has a fantastic experience. An experience you would want to talk about at the dinner table with your family. Our dedication to our customers will never change, thank you everyone for your loyalty, your business, and your kindness to grant these 3 brothers with a dream come true.

Thank You So Much!

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